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The biggest hurdle

I have been spending most of my Saturday afternoon converting data over to MacOS and I must say that the hardest part has been getting email imported. The method I used was to install Mozilla Thunderbird on my Windows laptop and then let that import my Outlook PST files, Now that bit was real easy (if not a tad slow) and once the process was done I had my two PST files all nicely imported into Thunderbird. Way to go guys - see it's real easy to leave Microsoft Outlook behind if you need to.

Now once those items were converted they were actually stored in *nix mbox files which Microsoft Entourage (Outlook for the Mac) can import. So I dragged and dropped all of my work email into Entourage which imported it without any hassle at all.

Next I thought that I would probably rather use Apple Mail for my personal email and attempted an import of all my .mbox files. And thats when things got bad. Everything *appeared* to have imported fine as it sure spent long enough doing it but when looking at the folders there was only one item per folder. Odd since I know I've got quite a bit more than that :)

And then Spotlight kicked in and it decided that indexing my files was more important than letting me access my iBook and it proceeded to hog all available system resources (god my machine was dead slow!). I've now had to do an import into Entourage (in a different identify) and then have asked Apple Mail to import from Entourage. It's busy now and it does look somewhat more promising but time will tell to see how it goes.

More details to follow! Oh how I love the Mac OS!